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  Artist Residencies in puppetry and avant-guard theatre

Dragon Dance Theatre has produced international artist residencies and cultural exchange projects 

in different countries since the mid-'80s

Join Dragon Dance Theatre  for a memorable
 mask and puppetry

We invite you to take part in an 8 week artist residency focusing on theatre, dance, music and mask-making. 

Dragon  Dance organizes intense, experimental and improvisational theatre labs.  Featuring plastic arts workshops, where we make masks, sets and costumes, all in the spirit of producing socially conscious work.

These residencies are a fully integrated, intense experience, working shoulder to shoulder with other artists.


Dragon Dance Theatre,  rehearsal from 2019


 Together we will imagine, and realize our own creative Utopia. We will make a peaceful, historically relevant, community art event. We will dance and sing, make music, break bread together, laugh and inspire one another, while working in our chosen fields.  We will create a memorable public performance. We will have fun. We will work. We will experience our own world of cultural exchange, cooperation and creation.

This is an in-depth, immersion; a working environment, side by side with, musicians, dancers, actors, puppeteers, painters, printers, poets, writers and sculptors...
We work together in all aspects of the production, from developing the story, creating the masks, improvising the scenes and inventing the music.

There will be public performances at the end of the process. 


Our next residency is planned for the SUMMER of 2022  at Birchwood Farm, in the town of Ii, Finland (just north of Oulu).

Dates:   June 15 to August 15, 2022.

Public performances August 6-7 and 13-14. 

lifting the mask from mold-2
lifting the mask from mold-2

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France 2006- Tomas Luna
France 2006- Tomas Luna

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2014 - Crisna in San Blas Atempa
2014 - Crisna in San Blas Atempa

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Our method:
In the mornings, we work in the plastic arts; building the armatures and sculpting the masks with clay. After a few days, we can start to cover the first masks with paper-maché, while other armatures are being built. 
In the afternoons, we work on the story itself, studying the characters, defining the conflicts, and improvising the scenes. Everyone participates and enriches the group with their ideas and input. We use our tried and tested  method of socializing the roles as we study the stage, the scenes and the story. 
As the project unfolds, we will start to use the finished masks on the stage and learn to manipulate these giant figures. We will spend more and more time developing the story, while creating and integrating the music. 
At the end of the workshop we will perform the show for the local public.


After the 8 weeks, you will have gained a working knowledge of how our process; using the ideas, the strategies and theories of collective creation to develop and mount a performance. 


It is our practice to ask participating artists to share in the financial costs of the project, in this case we are talking about 8 weeks;  Dragon Dance will provide; materials, documentation, direction, plus room and board.

Your part of the costs will be 2500 Euros. 

Some scholarships are available.


The registration fee is 250 Euros.   

This is non-refundable. Once you register, your place is reserved.

Accommodation is rustic -

   Tenting for the first 2 weeks (ideal if you can bring your own tent)

Dormitory at the Kierikki Stone Age Center from July 1 to Mid-August


We will arrange for breakfast plus the main meal at lunch and a light evening supper.   

In June, we will be setting up at BirchWood farm, located 6 km from the village of Ii, along the Ii river, north of Oulu. 

July to mid August, we will relocate at the Kierikki Stone Age Center . 

the main languages spoken will be English, Finnish, Spanish and French.   

Some photos representing groups from past years

Dragon Dance in Finland 2009
Dragon Dance in Finland 2009

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Citlaltepec Mexico 2013
Citlaltepec Mexico 2013

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Germany 2012
Germany 2012

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Registration, questions, ideas:

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